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Nick, 2014
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Martin Conte and Abiah Hostvedt by Georgia Nerheim
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after the war: the silver trio

luna does not take over her father’s position as editor for the quibbler, but she does write in weekly to share her new discoveries about the fantastical creatures that inhabit the world but go unseen by so many. she develops an adoring readership and eventually begins to publish collections of her findings.

ginny joins the holyhead harpies and quickly rises to become one of their most valued chasers and, eventually, their captain. by the end of her career, she had led her team to many, many victories, solidifying her place as one of the most famous quidditch players in history and becoming an inspiration to young quidditch fans everywhere. 

neville becomes the new herbology professor at hogwarts, adored by both his students and the other faculty. he eventually becomes the head of gryffindor, though he turns down the offer to become headmaster of hogwarts. he is a frequent contributor to luna’s columns in the quibbler, and his experiments with different plants and herbs lead to new and useful additions— both medical and magical— to the wizarding world.


how Tablo & Hye Jung show affection for each other



Join us as we take an exclusive trip to Malfoy Manor for a special interview and photo session!

…as I move on to my next question, a thunderous explosion shakes the manor. While I’m terrified, Hermione and Draco don’t seem much fazed by the loud blast. Moments later, the culprits appear at the foot of the staircase. And I’m relieved to only find the three Malfoy children. The two eldest troublemakers look equally guilty and ashamed. The youngest sibling trail behind them with an unnerving smirk on her face…

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since when did this bed start to feel empty around the edges without you here?

have you ever felt so acutely about me, even once?

have you ever hurt for me without knowing why?


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should i let go of you because you don’t have me feel strong

i don’t feel strong anymore

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